Atoms for Peace – Amok

After their release to the world, back in 2009, Atoms for Peace have been steadfast in growing their sound together, as any band would enjoy. Thom Yorke is always going to be solidified within Radiohead, but he did release an excellent solo album with The Eraser and now, with Atoms for Peace, Yorke works with immensely gifted musicians for another … [Read more...]

Sigur Rós – Valtari

At the risk of making a blatant generalization about one of this generation’s greatest bands, the main draw of a new Sigur Rós record was and still is the music’s uncanny ability to simultaneously put on a show of conspicuous beauty and flummoxing eccentricity.  Yes – “Hoppípolla” may have achieved ubiquity thanks to spots in nature documentaries … [Read more...]

Sigur Rós – Valtari Global Listening Party

On the night of Thursday, May 17th, at 7pm to be precise, Icelandic wonder-band Sigur Rós hosted a Global Listening Party for upcoming 6th studio album Valtari, which was streamed in full at the appointed hour across all time zones.  Since I always seem to be late to the party, I joined in the festivities with the airing of the 2nd song and without … [Read more...]

Interview with Dorian Dumont of The Teenagers

Hey Dorian – It’s so awesome to be doing this interview with you!  I’ve been playing your 2008 album Reality Check in my car lately and it’s so fun and filled with deliciously dirty lyrics, infectious melodies, and propulsive tempos.  Your pop songs have a youthful, sing-along zest, but are also dreamy and starry-eyed due to your cool guitar … [Read more...]

Gil Scott-Heron/Jamie xx – We’re New Here

For his 2010 album, Gil Scott-Heron returned after a long hiatus with I’m New Here’s breathtaking new highs. After a long break that found Scott-Heron dealing with personal demons, he sounded just as personal and raw in creating what was probably the year’s finest comeback. The album bristled with genuine songwriting that found Scott-Heron asking, … [Read more...]

Ratatat – LP4

Thankfully Ratatat are more creative in their music than they are in choosing titles for their records. The duo of guitarist Mike Stroud and programmer/multi-instrumentalist Evan Mast may not be adept at naming their albums but they are skilled musicians and have managed to settle into a discriminate groove by combining elements of classical, jazz, … [Read more...]

Jónsi – Go

For better or worse (but leaning ardently toward the former), it’s true: Jón Þór Birgisson has placed his day job in Sigur Rós on hold and gone the way of the solo artist. Had he simply and eloquently faded away – like so many of his band’s most sublime songs – no one would’ve faulted him. Sigur Rós was easily one of the most relevant and … [Read more...]

Titus Andronicus – The Monitor

What if all your passions were everything you had hoped for and more? And even if you were given everything and then some, what would finally draw you to fruition? The reason I ask is because a band like Titus Andronicus, known for their intensity and emotional pull, is not only passionately conveying their loves but they’ve found a way to deliver … [Read more...]

Holly Miranda – The Magician’s Private Library

As someone who grew up in a home where listening to secular music was strictly forbidden and where church was a near-daily ritual, the music Holly Miranda creates is ominously shrouded with dark atmospherics. Her initial role in music was as a member of The Jealous Girlfriends and there is a rather gripping story regarding how she met … [Read more...]

Gil Scott-Heron – I’m New Here

Imagine yourself for a moment as one of the leading pioneers of hip-hop music. Crowned by many as the sole reason for rap’s creation and seen by many as an integral figure in the betterment of their lives, Gil Scott-Heron was cut from a different cloth. The spoken-word wonder, the towering figure; he’s spent much of his life in spreading messages … [Read more...]