Various Artists – Bawku West Collective Volume 1

While working as a volunteer in the village of Zebilla, which is located in northern Ghana, former Peace Corps volunteer Luke Bassuener was introduced to local musicians by some of his students. Serving as translators, the students received authorization to have this music recorded on a four-track recorder owned by Bassuener. Employing his portable … [Read more...]

Tribecastan – Strange Cousin

There’s a singular kind of feeling one gets when they’re able to let inhibitions go and let loose. Whether it’s in the style of familiarizing yourself with old friends, dressing for an event, or in this case, getting together with musicians who share similar bonds and rejoicing in the music you’re creating. There’s a picture of the duo, John … [Read more...]

Watcha Clan with Various Artists – Diaspora Remixed

If there’s such a thing, underneath the underground of world music, Watcha Clan’s Diaspora Hi-Fi was somewhat of a, well, underground hit. Brimming with a uniqueness that exposes life-loving and exploring musicians, the artists behind this clan are living life to the fullest extent. After touring the globe, in which some notoriety and acclaim … [Read more...]