Alarma – “Chaingang”

Los Angeles-based Alarma brings a vivid variety of world music styles to its energetic and laid-back songs that feature on recent album World Ignition.  The current line-up of Alarma is Pedro Martinez (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), Alessandro Morosin (guitars, back-up vocals), Greg Panos, and Eduardo Sandoval (drums, percussion). The band … [Read more...]

Short Takes (Totally Mild, Patti Yang, Ben Lorentzen & Kiravell)

Totally Mild – “When I’m Tired” Australia keeps knocking out winners, this time in the form of the Melbourne-based four-piece Totally Mild which consists of lead singer and guitarist Elizabeth Mitchell, lead guitarist Zachary Schneider, bassist Lehmann Smith, and drummer Ashley Bundang.  Elizabeth started Totally Mild as a solo project, but it … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 4 Songs

Grown Up Avenger Stuff – “Pins” With a slew of accolades, an upcoming album, Eclectica, on the way, and the release of an official video for “Pins”, the members of indie rock band Grown Up Avenger Stuff are keeping themselves in the musical mix.  Deirdre Kroener (vocals), Tyler Thomsen (percussion), Hunter Thomsen (bass), and John Thomsen … [Read more...]

Herbcraft – The Astral Body Electric

Lets be honest, despite the success of Brian Eno's Ambient albums, Phillip Glass's cinematic exploits, and the fact that Sigur Ros regularly tour arenas; ambient is by no means a thriving aspect of popular music. So every time I come across a band who are willing to explore and experiment with every corner of every tangent of every motif, I get … [Read more...]

Gaida – Levantine Indulgence

I know it’s lame to quote the press release from the band, but they often pinpoint the music’s feeling in the best of ways. Normally, I like to just grab the album and listen to it until I’m ready to write about it and the last spin I have with it; I take out the press release and read along while listening. Sometimes, the two feel completely out … [Read more...]

Taken by Trees – East of Eden

Victoria Bergsman, under her official moniker, Taken by Trees, recorded a cover of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” for the remake of The Last House on the Left. And we all know that the best kinds of covers are those that offer something new and inviting, instead of a carbon-copy with different singers. The cover can be heard here and it’s a treat to hear; … [Read more...]

LA-based Divisible release new album

Los Angeles-based band Divisible, consisting of singer Shola Akinshemoyin Vaughn and drummer Albert Sadia, is pleased to present its debut album Less Than Lion, a collection of songs (including a reinterpretation of Radiohead’s “Exit Music [For A Film]),” that explores Shola’s journey from the halls of Harvard to a West African reconciliation with … [Read more...]

Filastine – Dirty Bomb

No offense or anything, but Dirty Bomb would make an awful dirty bomb. Look at the album art there: Filastine's name furtively fitted amongst the columns of a ruined temple, the record's name graffitied against a short, nondescript wall. That is hidden. That sort of expression could crawl up behind and cause damage when least expected. The record, … [Read more...]