Ducktails – III: Arcade Dynamics

Matt Mondanile stays busy recording his own stuff as Ducktails and as a sideman in Real Estate, but he seems to take it all in stride. In fact, his previous Ducktails releases sounded carefree enough to make it seem like he maintained his busy schedule by not working too long on any one piece, freeing up the time to move directly on to the next. … [Read more...]

Royal Baths – Litanies

Back when Ty Segall travelled through El Paso, Royal Baths opened for them. There was much confusion when the promoter initially sent out a release stating that his would be a Segall/Baths show – which would mean that electronic artist, Baths, who’s album Cerulean is a terrific listen would be splitting the bill with Segall. Eventually, the notices … [Read more...]