Year in Review: Avant-Garde

In the interest of not having a bunch of overlap between this article and those few avant-garde/noise releases that may have made it onto our year end staff list, I will not be covering certain things here that you will most definitely see on our Best Albums of 2009 feature. That still leaves a ton of great stuff and if you're looking for some … [Read more...]

Wolf Eyes – Always Wrong

In this decade that is rapidly coming to a close, Wolf Eyes along with Lightning Bolt have brought noise about as close as I can imagine it coming to a crossover. Both Burned Mind and Wonderful Rainbow found an audience that were a little apprehensive about Merzbow and Masonna but could handle the theatricality of Wolf Eyes' horror movie antics or … [Read more...]

Black Dice on Tour

Sat 05/23/09 Palace Missoula, MT # Sun 05/24/09 Holy Mountain Seattle, WA # Mon 05/25/09 Biltmore Vancouver, BC # Tue 05/26/09 Backspace Portland, OR # Thu 05/28/09 Retrofit Studios Sacramento, CA # Fri 05/29/09 OCD Warehouse San Francisco, CA #% Sat 05/30/09 F Yeah Fest presents at Gilbert's Los Angeles, CA #~^ Sun 05/31/09 Rialto Theater … [Read more...]

Small Wonders #9

Wolf Eyes - Time of Clearing CD-R Gods of Tundra ( Do these guys ever let up? I mean come on, I can't think of another group with an output volume this high that still manages to impress me time after time. Wolf Eyes' newest CD-R comes to us courtesy of group member Mike Connelly's Gods of Tundra imprint. This … [Read more...]

Small Wonders #1

Wolf Eyes - Shattered C-10 Hospital Productions ( This very short, two track cassette comes courtesy of Dominick Fernow from Prurient's Hospital label. It's more of the distorted and druggy sounding sickness we've come to expect from Michigan's favorite sons. Side A is approximately five minutes of slow, mangled … [Read more...]