Night Horse – “Choose your side”

So, you wanna rock out to some modern classic rock music in a cowboy hat? Download some Night Horse into your ipod. This Los Angeles based five-piece band includes a delectable guitar duo, some diehard drums, bashing bass, and a ferocious vocalist. With that in mind, you can only imagine what their rock music sounds like. Indians or Cowboys? … [Read more...]

And the Moneynotes – On the Town, On the Vine EP

I still haven't caught Scranton, PA band And the Moneynotes live yet, but I have been enjoying the group's new 4-song EP On the Town, On the Vine. The disc features songs recorded in 2008, including "Souraina" from the group's swing through the Daytrotter studio. The band has continuously evolved from its debut (as Dr. Horsemachine and The … [Read more...]