Balmorhea – Stranger

The mysterious effects of remote Texan territory that births some of music’s most recent high points (here’s to Sonic Ranch for some of 2012’s best albums) is beginning to look more and more assured. Residing in Austin, instrumental band Balmorhea has always impressed with a calmly classical viewpoint, forming into a soft-forming, sometimes … [Read more...]

Balmorhea – Constellations

Constellations always seemed to require too much focus and imagination for me. As a youngster, instead of getting psyched by trying to locate one in the night sky, all I could think of was how much of a stretch the whole enterprise was - how much it missed the forest for the trees. So it seems a little ironic to me that acoustic instrumental … [Read more...]

Sleep Whale – Houseboat

Using an acoustic guitar, cello, bass, violin, some field recordings and looped digital effects, Sleep Whale have bred and born an absorbing album. Their full-length debut, Houseboat, is a cross pollination of chamber, folk, ambient, and post-rock. Each track grows into an immersive distraction. These drifting compositions are weaved by a North … [Read more...]