Artists-On-Albums: AOA #5 (Wes Willenbring on When)

Wes Willenbring on... Vincent Gallo's When (Warp Records, 2001) I think whether or not an album becomes a “favorite” is often dependent on the environment in which one first hears it.  Not just the where and the when but also what, stylistically, the listener had been listening to previously. It may be a musician seemingly perfecting a form … [Read more...]

New sophomore album from Wes Willenbring

American post-ambient craftsman Wes Willenbring releases Close, But Not Too Close and it shows Willenbring developing on the gorgeous palette of tones explored on acclaimed debut Somewhere, Someone Else. As with Willenbring’s debut, Close, But Not Too Close is all about time in both its broadest and most discrete sense. There is a deliberation … [Read more...]