Grizzly Bear – Shields

The beautiful aspect of a band like Grizzly Bear’s music is their utter quality of musicianship and how equally balanced it all truly is. Back at the Austin City Limits Festival in 2009 they were at the eye of their supporting tour for the massively successful Veckatimest. After a thirty minute session of torrential downpour the sheets lifted up … [Read more...]

Daniel Rossen – Silent Hour/Golden Mile EP

Throughout their career, Grizzly Bear has always ensured a sound that is both aesthetically ominous and darkly atmospheric. In many ways, their Yellow House album was as much about the spectrum of sound they explored, as it was about honest, sincere songwriting. Before and after that album it’s always been a superb spectral sound behind their … [Read more...]

Battles – Gloss Drop

When considering an album’s story, there’s always a great wonder as to how much significance it truly weighs. Some could care less as the music that is flowing from the headphones has more than enough value to analyze and consider; others figure a meaning has to be corresponding with the music. As in, the fruition and the outcome has to be tied … [Read more...]

Hudson Mohawke – Satin Panthers EP

While music continues to challenge and divert many artists and bands, it’s never without any due cause. For many, Hudson Mohawke’s  Butter was a resounding success of what electronic music could truly be – explosive, creative, diverse – and for others, it was eighteen songs of way too many ideas. Regardless of what camp you fell into, there was … [Read more...]

Prefuse 73 – The Only She Chapters

On 2009’s Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian, Prefuse 73’s Guillermo Scott-Herren spanned 29 earthy tracks to deliver one of the freshest sounding electronic albums of that year. Songs like “No Lights Still Rock” bounced with splashing energy and playful tones that highlighted a banner year for the music producer/musician. The sounds he created … [Read more...]

Underappreciated Album of the Month: UAM #8 (Broadcast – Tender Buttons, 2005)

With this DOA feature we focus our attention on an album that may not have the recognition or notoriety it deserves. It might be a cult hit, it might be a small favorite or it might even be an album that is just so great, we feel it needs all of the attention possible. Albums chosen will always be, at least, more than five years old and will be … [Read more...]

Bibio – Mind Bokeh

Often, the further in one gets, the harder it is to come back out. Once you’ve delved so deeply into one particular thing – hobbies, careers, women – the commitment reaches a new high and suddenly, you’ve dug yourself a pretty deep hole. That isn’t to say that any one of those are bad things but, certainly, one should always maintain plenty of … [Read more...]

Flying Lotus – Pattern+Grid World EP

In terms of sonic scope and ambitious arrangements, Flying Lotus’ Cosmogramma remains as one of the year’s most substantially filled albums – depth beyond depth of layers and layers. “Clay” opens up the seams to a hazy, atmospheric drench of smoke before introducing the bustle of drums and in more ways than one, there is obvious reasoning behind … [Read more...]

Jamie Lidell – Compass

One of the things about Jamie Lidell – that people have yet to fully understand – is that the English-born singer has one of the best voices in the music industry. He’s fashioned a strong sense for the soul leanings of his music, as well as the influences he shares from the worlds of jazz, hip-hop, funk, R&B, pop and more; it’s made him a … [Read more...]

Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma

First impressions leave the most lasting effect on anyone but are they necessarily always the best? Many times, someone can gather their feelings, thoughts and progressions in order to try again and in turn, succeed or in other cases, improve. But everything is contingent on that one person’s own ability; what exactly would they achieve in even … [Read more...]