Mount Kimbie – Cold Spring Fault Less Youth

Post-dubstep is a trite title, really. A genre that was supposedly pioneered by London duo Mount Kimbie, it’s a moniker that doesn’t do them any justice at all. Why? Because dubstep has always been, to put in clichéd terms, all style over substance. It has become is emotionally destitute, save physical interplay, born and bred on the dance … [Read more...]

Brian Eno – Drums Between the Bells

Art rock, by its very name, implies a certain level of pretention not common to other subgenres and categorical demarcations.  Bubblegum pop, acid house, chillwave, folktronica, you name it – none of these styles have that uncanny ability to evoke highfaluting snobbery like those tagged with the “art” prefix.  Brian Eno – famed songwriter, … [Read more...]

!!! – Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass Remix EP

Lately, a lot of popular bands have been posting track stems and asking fans for remixes. Most of the time, however, a big-name act snags the top spot, demolishing countless aspiring remix-preneurs. And usually they are the best. The point is that remixes are very difficult projects to undertake. For a fan, the idea of taking a song you love … [Read more...]

Nice Nice – Extra Wow

When I first encountered Nice Nice’s live show, it was one of those moments that I’ll simply never forget. Coming on after the one-two mega punch that is hook-laden Let’s Wrestle and epic-sounding Titus Andronicus is never an easy task, but for this duo, it was something of a revelation. With Jason Buehler handling the guitar, keys, treatments and … [Read more...]

Warp Records Showcase (Nice Nice and Pivot) with Special Guests (Let’s Wrestle and Titus Andronicus) @ The Black Market, El Paso, TX 03/21/10

There will always be shows packed in where there will be so much overwhelmingly good music that you wont have any idea what to do. Such was the case with the great night of music at El Paso’s own The Black Market. For the past number of years, with an effort on trying to cash in on bands passing to and from Austin for South by Southwest, promoters … [Read more...]

Gonjasufi – A Sufi and a Killer

Resting on top of a resilient establishment where influences from Middle-Eastern sounds, to re-imagined hip-hop, to bustling old-sounding records lay, is an enigmatic singer/rapper, Gonjasufi. Properly known as Sumach Ecks, the distinctive singer had been making music for 20 years on his own, before realizing the means to create a full-length … [Read more...]

Bibio – The Apple and the Tooth

After what many now consider to be a sprawling banner year for Bibio’s Stephen Wilkinson – a year that not only found the self-taught producer growing by leaps and bounds – there wasn’t much else to conquer. Usually, when you get one good album from an artist then you mostly take it and run but when you get two great albums, well, now we’re just … [Read more...]

Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest

Loaded with flourishing arrangements dripping with a bountiful of opulently layered music, Grizzly Bear is a master at delivering, to be succinct, gorgeous music. The group's arc is an interesting one to follow: there was the bedroom tranquility of Horn of Plenty, which was followed by the ghostly restlessness of Yellow House and then the Brooklyn … [Read more...]