Snow Palms – Origin And Echo

Although latterly less prolific in releasing recorded wares, veteran Ellis Island Sound, Phelan Sheppard and State River Widening polymath David Sheppard certainly hasn’t curbed his sonic ambitions.  Last heard officially in 2015 on his first proper solo LP Vertical Land - which sailed multi-instrumentalist ingenuity and erudite magpie-like … [Read more...]

Interview with Angèle David-Guillou

Four years on from the elegantly grand piano-led compositions that comprised her given-name debut album Kourouma, the French-born London-based Angèle David-Guillou - formerly of Piano Magic and song-based solo alias Klima - returns with the rhythmically fascinating, melodically accomplished and simply rather beautiful En Mouvement on the Village … [Read more...]

David John Sheppard – Vertical Land

Since adopting a polymathic approach to music making twenty or so years ago David Sheppard has had no shortage of close collaborators to share outlets for his flights of instrumental imagination.  Working with the likes of school pal Keiron Phelan (within State River Widening and Phelan Sheppard), ex-Loft/Weather Prophet leader Peter Astor (in … [Read more...]

Ellis Island Sound – Regions

Over the last 16 or so years, Peter Astor and David Sheppard have seemingly used Ellis Island Sound as a low-key repository for ideas overspilling from their higher-profile work together and apart (The Wisdom Of Harry, State River Widening, Phelan Sheppard, Snow Palms, solo projects and so on).  Moving from the bedroom-built electronica of early … [Read more...]

Angèle David-Guillou – Kourouma

Having come out from underneath the shadow of Piano Magic with 2010’s kaleidoscopic dream-pop suite Serenades & Serinettes - her second LP as Klima - Angèle David-Guillou returns here on another solo trip.  Working under her own name this time around, having chosen to keep Klima as a vocal-led and collaborator-birthed project, this new detour … [Read more...]