School of Seven Bells – Disconnect From Desire

School of Seven Bells made quite a splash with the release of their debut album Alpinisms. A mongrel of recognizable sonic touchstones mixing equal doses of wildness, blissed out atmosphere, and pop structure, the band nailed a particular brand of dream pop which exalted deep personal reflection and self-reliance while simultaneously cultivating a … [Read more...]

Murder by Death – Good Morning, Magpie

Confining yourself solely to the woods for two weeks straight seems a bit much to even the most distinctive musician. But for Murder by Death’s frontman, Adam Turla, that is exactly what he set out to do to gain inspiration and write all of the music on the band’s fifth album, Good Morning, Magpie. Traveling through hills, cooking meals outside and … [Read more...]

EELS Offer Free Download

EELS are offering a free download of the track "Little Bird" from their new record, End Times, in anticipation of the album's release on January 19 via Vagrant Records. … [Read more...]

Thrice – Beggars

Say what you will about Thrice, but the members have grown up. I've been following this band since I heard their first album Identity Crisis, and with each release they continue to amaze me. They are one of the few bands that has grown right alongside my growing musical tastes. Identity Crisis saw a young band exploring riffs and speed, in a … [Read more...]

Eels – Hombre Lobo

Mark Oliver Everett (aka E) says a lot about the Eels career when he croons on "Prizefighter", a fuzzy, Blues-y, guitar-based screamer and opening track of the Eels 7th album Hombre Lobo, "I’m a go-all-nighter....I’m a don’t-do-it-wrong-do-it-righter, I’m a prizefighter" Over the years, Eels have proven to be prizefighters in the indie-rock … [Read more...]

Placebo – Battle For The Sun

Critically acclaimed overseas since their debut album hit British record stores back in 1996, the occasionally turbid and consistently androgynous sounds of neo-glam trailblazers Placebo never truly caught on stateside. Despite consistent adoration from the U.K. press, the band was quick to move away from the alt-rock crush of the eponymously … [Read more...]