Dag Nasty – Dag With Shawn

Way back in 1985 (with their way having already been paved by such D.C. punk/hardcore luminaries as S.O.A., Bad Brains, Government Issue, Teen Idles, et al.), after only a few months of playing live, a young band called Dag Nasty entered the studio to lay down 9 blistering, emotionally charged, powerful tracks that have since become legendary. I'm … [Read more...]

Skiggy Rapz – Bang to the Boogie EP

Outlining laid-back, relaxed rhymes and lyrics with a feverish flow, Dutch rapper/producer, Skiggy Rapz (Marcel Tegelaar), delivers music in a wide array of styles. A difference that isn’t conveyed so much in the actual genre but more so, the technique utilized in his songs, Tegelaar is a flashy and easygoing fellow. And for the most part, his new … [Read more...]

K-The-I??? – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Hard-hitting, no nonsense, straight to the point hip-hop albums are a dying breed. It's rare to find anything that doesn't require at least an hour of your time. And although that may be OK sometimes, it's always a treat to find a breath of fresh air. There is nothing compromised on K-The-I???'s latest hard-hitting effort, Yesterday, Today & … [Read more...]