The Decemberists – The King is Dead

Looking back at The Decemberists’ rise to fame, everything has always circulated around the sheer talents of head songwriter and singer Colin Meloy. The band has been a catalyst for Meloy’s fantastic ideas of twisting sordid concepts into illustriously lush and diverse albums. Through these concept albums they also developed the aspect of being a … [Read more...]

The Lovely Eggs – If You Were Fruit

Lancaster, England-based Holly and David of The Lovely Eggs know how to pack a tin full of sonic sardines, as they do on If You Were Fruit, where they stuff the U.S. release of their debut album with 19 yummy morsels (14 from the studio album, plus 5 lip-smacking cuts off their U.K.-released EPs). The guitar-based indie rockers and ballads are … [Read more...]

The White Ravens – Gargoyles and Weather Vanes

Inspired by previous sibling efforts by the likes of Sparks (also the name of the first song on this album) and the less hereditary rock and roll of Electric Light Orchestra, this second album from Ann Arbor duo The White Ravens is heavy on twee, occasionally silly, bright pop music marked by twitchy eccentricity. On opening song "Sparks", any … [Read more...]

Cheap Red – Cheap Red

In the grand, but lo-fi tradition of the prolific Stewart Anderson’s numerous previous bands (Boyracer, Hulaboy, The Cannanes, Fog & Ocean, etc…, the latest one being Tricia Yates Fanclub), Cheap Red is another of Stewart’s musical incarnations that also includes Jen Turrell,  Akina Kawauchi, and Arland Nicewander (aka Kanda).    The vocals are … [Read more...]

The Lovely Eggs – “Have You Ever Heard a Digital Accordion”

Not the most intriguing song title, but Holly and David of The Lovely Eggs combine old-school DIY, plucky charm of bright, sing-song vocals and cheeky lyrics about accordions, scorpions, and…yes, beef bourguignon (love the British accent on that word) – with a sudden descent into a shouty, discordant inferno of chaos at the end of the tune. The … [Read more...]

Clues – Clues

When The Unicorns broke up, the group's fate was determined for them as one of those bands that many would reflect on with regret and longing. Longing that they never broke up because Nick Thorburn and Alden Penner's debut is highly regarded as one of the first imperative albums to jump-start the Canadian indie rock scene. Since then, Thorburn has … [Read more...]

would-be-goods – Eventyr

Britain’s would-be-goods chose Eventyr, meaning adventures or fairy tales, as the title for their 5th album as an apt way to describe their dreamy, indie-twee sound. With the friendly and inviting rhythms, along with breezy vocals and light melodies, you’d swear you’ve heard this music before. Kind of like a musical Deja Vu. And it has nothing to … [Read more...]