Interview with the Smittens

Hi guys and gals!  It’s the bees knees to be doing this interview with you all as we await with great anticipation the release of your new album Believe Me on July 23rd via Fika Recordings.  You’ve been quite busy bees (Sorry for all the bee references!  I know Holly dislikes bees and I feel the same way about their pointy ends!) over the past … [Read more...]

Evil Men Have No Songs – s/t EP

The depth and breadth of yet-unknown (or at least not widely known) and unsigned talent that can be found on MySpace is truly amazing.  One such artist that stands out is Hungary-based Evil Men Have No Songs (the name is a Nietzsche quote).  This “band” is actually a guy named RP and he creates appealing song structures and sonics that meld lo-fi … [Read more...]

Mas Rapido – Dumb is King!

This duo has been around for a long while, known originally as Cowboy & Spin Girl and later as Toothpaste 2000, with a lengthy discography attesting to their love of bright, rough-around-the-edges powerpop. Their career has spanned decades, as a duo and with individual efforts, stretching back into the early 80s in one form or another. With … [Read more...]

Sambassadeur – European

While on a drive in my hometown recently, I discovered that something truly remarkable had happened to the radio. Well, oldies radio. My trusted provider of decades-old Brill Building pop and doo-wop one-hit wonders had decided that oldies music had simply become, too old. Worse yet, the torch had been passed on to radio real-estate … [Read more...]

The Brunettes – Paper Dolls

Packaged in between different staples of what pop music is are The Brunettes. A twee pop duo consisting of Jonathan Bree and Heather Mansfield, they’ve always consistently offered up a delicious amount of head-nodding music. And while it isn’t entirely dramatic or for that matter experimental, it’s always been directly channeling. New Zealand has a … [Read more...]

Cake On Cake – Hymns I Remember

Do you like your sugar with a dash of coffee? Do you enjoy the way in which a little too much maple syrup totally saturates your stack of pancakes? Do you spend cold winter nights wrapped in lamb’s wool, dreaming of unicorns that would delicately prance on the fluffy snow outside your window? Are visions of sugar plums still dancing in your head … [Read more...]