Howe Gelb – Little Sand Box (boxset)

Having performed the herculean task of bringing the near-entirety of Giant Sand’s core catalogue back into print since 2010, Fire Records now has the somewhat trickier task of sorting out the rest of Howe Gelb’s labyrinthine discography.  Whilst side-projects such as The Band Of Blacky Ranchette and Arizona Amp & Alternator patiently wait their … [Read more...]

Giant Giant Sand – Tucson

Perhaps being conscious that his own bounteous back catalogue has somewhat overshadowed his more recent repertoire – due to the lustrous ongoing reissue programme from Fire Records – Howe Gelb seems to have deliberately upped the ante for this newly-cut collection with the double-sized Giant Giant Sand.  Not content with merely enlarging his … [Read more...]

FAO#32: Rainer, Lee Hazlewood & Moe Tucker

Sometimes it’s hard not to wish for a year or more’s moratorium on new musical releases, just to catch-up on all the archival archaeological work that needs to be done.  This doesn’t have to mean simplistic wallowing in the heritage of forever reissued old masters (such as The Stones, Bowie, Hendrix et al.), it’s more about setting aside time to … [Read more...]

Giant Sand – Ramp, Center Of The Universe and Purge & Slouch (reissues)

Having reinvigorated Giant Sand’s largely misunderstood and overlooked early output, Fire Records have now reached the first major chunk of the band’s more career-defining 1990s phase, with reupholstered reissues of 1991’s Ramp, 1992’s Center Of The Universe and 1993’s Purge & Slouch. Ramp is undoubtedly one of the most important entries … [Read more...]

Giant Sand – Blurry Blue Mountain

Although released to approximately coincide with the 25th anniversary and reissue of the band’s Valley Of Rain debut LP, Howe Gelb’s latest album with Giant Sand is – in typical contrary form – far from being a magnanimous celebration or ex-member reunion affair that some might have expected.  In fact, it’s a rather subdued set, picking-up where … [Read more...]