Album from post-rock instrumental band Whale Fall

Whale Fall is a post-rock instrumental band located in L.A. Formed in 2008, the five-piece, whose name derives from the biological process by which a decaying whale carcass becomes the host for a new sea life community, has quickly established a dedicated fan base who have embraced the band's dynamic live sound.  Whale Fall released its eponymous … [Read more...]

Interview with Haiku Salut

British instrumental band Haiku Salut formed in 2010 and is comprised of Sophie, Gemma, and Louise. The three bandmates released their first EP in 2011 and dropped their debut album Tricolore on the How Does It Feel To Be Loved? record label last year. Sophie, with input from Gemma and Louise, gives the scoop about their cheekily self-described … [Read more...]

Rich Johnson – Up the Turret Mil

Jazz? Perhaps. The central category on New York–based trumpeter Rich Johnson’s mysterious Up the Turret Mil isn’t so much genre as atmosphere, conceived in the broadest sense and filtered through all those qualities sound isn’t supposed to claim: texture, flavor, color, and so on. Johnson’s minimal, processed compositions give onto whole scenes, … [Read more...]

Afro DZ ak – Elevation

Jazz and hip-hop have always gone hand in hand, even when it seemed the most unlikely. Back when jazz was first starting to creep into the scene, people wrote it off as cheap, wanna-be classical music with no substance, musicality or merit. The same was said of hip-hop when it was beginning to break through; people found it implausible to award it … [Read more...]