Lemonade – Diver

It seems that the farther removed we are from the 1980s, the more palpable its influences become.  It’s a notion I’ve been entertaining frequently these past six months, as new releases from Neon Indian, Sleigh Bells, and Frankie Rose have unapologetically tapped into a sonic reservoir teeming with references to the Human League and John Hughes … [Read more...]

Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost

The success story of a band like Girls seems improbable and yet somehow pedestrian in 2011.  The banality of the situation is obvious – two dudes united by a slacker aesthetic, recreational drugs, and a love of music actuated by said drugs dole out lo-fi stoner rock rife with both psychedelic approbations and self-deprecation.  This sort of music – … [Read more...]

Delorean – Subiza

The sounds on “Real Love” are almost of direct resemblance to the tribal chants heard around the world. Inviting the sounds of the environment in and allowing them to roam free and wild, Spanish band Delorean seem to almost relish that kind of opportunity. It makes sense, too, that for a band that got their start by pushing away from everyday club … [Read more...]