Port of Est. – Onyx Moon

The Portland, Maine-based duo Port of Est. just released this debut LP, on its own Delphinium Music label.  Hannah Tarkinson (vocals) and Todd Kitchens (producer, multi-instrumentalist) self-recorded Onyx Moon and it reveals that there’s more than one Portland of note on the musical map. The experimental twosome combine an analogue process with … [Read more...]

Ramsey – “2am”

L.A.-installed electronic-pop artist Ramsey is a rising star, stirring up the blogosphere and racking up a huge number of visits to her SoundCloud profile, amassing critical and fan praise alike.  Her first salvo was the rivetingly raw and mysteriously menacing “See You Bleed” and now Ramsey returns in the same spirit with the potently ominous … [Read more...]

New Single and Video from pop singer-songwriter Kat Vinter

Singer/songwriter Kat Vinter recently released the second single off of her forthcoming debut EP, Islands, which is due out on April 26th via Culvert Music. Kat also recently released a new video for “"Sooner or Later"," the first single off of Islands The EP showcases Kat’s lush vocals combined with brooding, beat driven pop music … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 3 Albums

Alcest – Shelter The French, post-black metal duo of Neige and Winterhalter has released its 4th studio album and it’s a shoegazer genre-inspired beauty that cuts ties with Alcest’s original post-black metal sound.  Gone are the occasional rapid-fire drum beats, slicing edge of the metal guitar blade, and Neige’s sometimes shouted out vocals.  … [Read more...]

Little Dragon – Ritual Union

Although there never seems to be enough diversity in the realm of electronic music, upon further review there is a massive amount of genres, styles and sounds to get involved in. Throughout the years electronic music has seen its fair share of umbrellas where many other genres and sub-genres are formed; while many bands and artists continue to … [Read more...]

Interview with Chris and Matt of Nedry

Hello Chris and Matt!  I can’t get enough of your debut album Condors which I reviewed here a while back.  I really enjoy the contrasting dynamics of your songs where some have a slow-pulling tension or easy-going, calm vibe and others are ramped up with guitar, keyboard, and drum turbulence.  Sometimes this even occurs all in one song (“Scattered” … [Read more...]

Delicate Noise – Filmezza

Delicate Noise doesn’t really want to make you dance, in fact, if you end up swinging your hips it’s probably only tertiary to what mastermind Mark Andrushko wants to accomplish. He focuses on the small, the niggling, and the uncomfortable. The nasty, dread-addled feelings that hack at our psyche - all of which are thoroughly explored on his second … [Read more...]

Puracane – I’ve Been Here the Longest

If Portishead’s trip-hop freaked you out a little bit and Mazzy Star’s shoegazey dream pop was just too saccharine, then Brooklyn’s Puracane might just have the remedy. Lacking the melodramatic Sturm und Drang of Depeche Mode but too groove-oriented to qualify as ambient chill, Puracane’s amalgam of electronic loops, ghostly vocals, and bass-heavy … [Read more...]

Medes – Absence of Opposition

I can’t find a scrap of information about Medes. Their promo CD arrived in my house nestled in a clear plastic sleeve, accompanied by no press release or even a photo; their myspace (which I stumbled across after a particularly specific google search) featured two ultra-cryptic DIY music videos and a single band member (AJ Cookson if you’re … [Read more...]

Kinetic Stereokids – Have A Nice Day EP

Kinetic Stereokids hails from Flint, MI, a town with not much to offer as far as fun for its youth. So the four young men behind the band did what so many other fidgety kids do when there’s nothing better to do: they formed a band. Taking insight from everything from post rock to trip hop to Appalachian folk, the boys mashed it all together into a … [Read more...]