The Carpet Knights- According to life

Following their critically acclaimed debut album Lost and So Strange is My Mind, the Swedish prog-space rockers The Carpet Knights are back with their second record According to Life. The musical arrangements on the album are complex, and most of the songs are mid-tempo. There are certainly a lot of influences here; opening track “Headcase” is … [Read more...]

Villebråd – Ultrarapid

Swedish band Villebråd relive the highs and lows of 1980's British pop and post-punk on their new release, Ultrarapid. The revival of that musical era actually kicked off at least 10 years ago, but because Villebråd stay so true to the original, the band doesn't fit in with their counterparts such as The Strokes or The Killers. Villebråd sounds … [Read more...]

Øresund Space Collective – Good Planets Are Hard to Find

Traditional jam bands don't do much for me — sometimes I just want the damn song to end already! Lengthy instrumentals are most often background noise or unwanted annoyances in my life. But then, sometimes, a band comes along that breaks all of the conventions. The things that annoy you about its peers will perhaps endear you to it. This is the … [Read more...]