Robert Hampson – Vectors

Robert Hampson was the singer/guitarist for droning space-rockers Loop and a member of dark ambient duo Main. While I was and still am a huge fan of Loop's work (you definitely want to check out albums like A Gilded Eternity and  the recently reissued Fade Out and Heaven's End if you're a fan of Spacemen 3 and CAN) I am not all that familiar with … [Read more...]

Small Wonders #11

Sujo - Pia 3" CD-R Inam Records   There was pretty much no information available at all about this release or its label. The packaging is pretty nice and its limited to 100 copies. The music sounds like it could be made by one person or many. It's lone track is a vaguely pretty drone piece that lasts about twenty minutes, just long enough … [Read more...]