Artists On Albums: AOA#30 (Eternal Tapestry’s Jed Bindeman on Dialoghi Del Presente)

Eternal Tapestry's Jed Bindeman on... Luciano Cilio’s Dialoghi Del Presente (EMI Italiana, 1977) There are albums that grow on you, and then there are ones that have an immediate reaction, where you know from the first note that you're hearing something special.  Both situations can have their benefits (there are many records that took me … [Read more...]

Matmos – The Ganzfeld EP

Drawing influences from science and strategic tests, electronic duo Matmos have created an EP as a predecessor to their ensuing LP, out later this year as well. The Ganzfeld EP deploys three carefully crafted songs and marks an opportunity where the experimental duo can revel in heady moments. Closing with “Just Waves,” the duo circles their ideas … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#28 (The Sea And Cake’s Sam Prekop on Ralf And Florian)

The Sea And Cake’s Sam Prekop on… Kraftwerk’s Ralf And Florian (Philips/Vertigo, 1973) I'm not sure when would have been the first time I heard this record; I suspect mid-nineties, when The Sea And Cake were becoming a band.  I'm quite sure that it was John McEntire who illuminated Kraftwerk for me beyond Computer World - which I had been … [Read more...]

FAO#34: Thank You and Silver Apples

In the rapidly revolving and reinventing world of physical formats, the seven inch vinyl record still sustains an unrivalled affection amongst music hoarders.  Although it’s arguably no longer one of the most efficient, affordable or audiophile methods of releasing recordings, the humble 45 can still be great for capturing and compacting nuggets of … [Read more...]

Luke Roberts – Big Bells and Dime Songs

The true life experience is a telling ritual to maintain. For many, recounting the obstacles overcome in a passing day seems like opening your wounds for all to pick at. Others rejoice in the ability of being able to share personal anecdotes in hopes of self-expression and approval. The experience of life is an always challenging one – filled with … [Read more...]

Wooden Shjips – Remixes 12″

It can be an expensive full time hobby trying to keep up with Ripley Johnson’s prolific twin output with Wooden Shjips and Moon Duo (pity the impoverished dedicated follower of both outfits whom is also a Robert Pollard/Guided By Voices collector…) and during these cash-strapped times even ‘snooze or lose’ limited vinyl releases have to be … [Read more...]

Future Islands – On the Water

The compelling nature of music is an intriguing expansion. Baltimore-based Future Islands has always been about taking that expansion and invigorating it with an emotional carriage of embellishments. Last year’s In Evening Air was a revelatory discovery for some, including yours truly and now, a mere year later, the band presents another expansion, … [Read more...]

Tunnels – The Blackout

Continuously evolving his sounds, Tunnels has been the moniker for musician Nicholas Bindeman for quite some time now. At first a droning experiment that reached into psychedelia with mixed results, Bindeman was always someone known for chasing a wide-open world of sounds. And now with a pulse on the bass lines in his music and with a varied … [Read more...]

Wooden Shjips – West

The basis of manifest destiny was an idea that through spiritual entitlement, the United States was fated to expand all the way west, until land met ocean. A destiny that ultimately proved to be very considerable was driven behind the notion that it was ‘meant to be’. For many, travelling west continues to bear significance simply because once you … [Read more...]

Mountains – Air Museum

After sticking to laptop-treated acoustic sources for their first five years together, organic soundscapers Mountains, the duo of Brendon Anderegg and Koen Holtkamp, have changed up their method on cleverly titled new album Air Museum. Leaving the software behind, they now stretch and tweak their sources with analog equipment like pedals and … [Read more...]