Phylactery – Necromancy Enthroned

Necromancy Enthroned runs like a thrash and death metal bullet train. The album opener, "Risen Restless Dead," judders for twenty seconds before it fires off on a groove heralded by double-bass drumming. The song battles through a few changes and clings to the rails of its vitriol. Phylactery plays metal very much in the tradition of pioneers … [Read more...]

Anagnorisis – “Clan of Kerr”

Kentucky based Anagnorisis' most recent offering Beyond All Light is set for release in the Summer of 2013 and the stand out track "Clan of Kerr" perfectly demonstrates the band's eclectic manipulation of thrash, black, and death metal sounds. With a guitar tone that eerily resembles older Dark Funeral before evolving into an At the Gates meets … [Read more...]

arbogast – I

To have a debut album that is a continuous stream of energy, power and aggression is a good omen for any band in today's world of metal. In fact, one can only hope that the creative juices continue to flow not only for the success of the band, but for the enjoyment of their fans. Chicago's arbogast is that band, and their debut album, simply titled … [Read more...]

Echidna – Dawn Of The Sociopath

Returning with their second album, Portuguese thrash/death metalers Echidna have unleashed a dangerous and compelling beast that is as intimidating and intrusive as the running theme behind it. Dawn Of The Sociopath is a concept album exploring the devious mind and black evil of a sociopath, each track taking the listener on a transition from seed … [Read more...]

Hemoptysis – Misanthropic Slaughter

From the first coaxing riffs in the opening seconds of the title track on Misanthropic Slaughter, the debut album from US metalers Hemoptysis, one is engaged with an album that ripples with well written, intelligent, and appetising metal sounds that will delight any palate. Throbbing riffs, firmly grabbing rhythms, and intriguing directional … [Read more...]

Turbocharged – AntiXtian

Though originally formed in 2000 by Ronnie ‘Ripper’ Olsen, one of the founder members of Swedish death metal band Vomitory, Turbocharged had a slow start and it was not until 2008 that their first demo recording saw the light of day. A second demo followed the year after and the end of 2010 saw their debut album AntiXtian released on vinyl only via … [Read more...]

Betrayer – No Life Till Fury

Columbian thrashers Betrayer and their album No Life Till Fury inspires one of those strange reviews where plenty of good things are mentioned alongside a massive "but" that derails all the positive stuff. The album consists of nine tracks of solid and forceful thrash metal with some tasty punk overtones. The main highlights of the album are the … [Read more...]

The Tards – Guillotine

Scuzzy dirty rock ‘n’ roll thrash metal is the closest I can get to the sound of Kansas City band The Tards, but even then it only gives clues and not the whole picture. The quartet shoves their at times blatantly obvious influences into their music, fusing plenty of varied and classic mixtures to their own gritty almost nasty sound. Since forming … [Read more...]


First off, let me admit that I do not like 80’s metal, hair metal or anything in between -  not so much for the music but for the vocal styling everyone seemed to employ. This is unfortunate for New Zealand band Razorwyre and their latest EP Coming Out but I will try to be as impartial as I can. Musically, Razorwyre deliver some rather tasty … [Read more...]

Brand New – Daisy

Flooding the ‘emo’ subgenre for the last half-decade or so with glamorous thrashing, witty lyrics and an ever-evolving sound, Brand New return with a grittier, heavier set of tracks than ever before. On the previous album, The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me, front man Jesse Lacey experienced a metamorphosis by writing more clever and powerful … [Read more...]