Crime & The City Solution – An Introduction To… A History of Crime: Berlin 1987-1991

The Crime & The City Solution catalogue has long been an unwieldy body of work which even erstwhile long-serving member Mick Harvey (also of Nick Cave’s Bad Seeds) acknowledged in a 2005 interview with this writer.  Although badly in need of anthologizing, Harvey mused that a retrospective compilation of the nomadic band, founded by Australian … [Read more...]

Rackets And Fives – Roslyn

"I know this is all/I can't help wanting more" runs the lyric of album opener "Good Behaviour" just as the evocatively Mediterranean guitars are joined by a mariachi trumpet break straight out of a Morricone score. Less than sixty seconds into Roslyn, and Rackets And Fives are bringing a tangible sense of high drama into play. The song would work … [Read more...]

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Tender Prey, The Good Son & Henry’s Dream (CD/DVD reissues)

Although it initially seemed that the Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds reissue programme was to run through its 3 or 4 album batches with exhausting frequency, it’s taken nearly a year for this second wave to hit upon us.  What was perhaps conceived as a between Bad Seeds albums interest-retainer, has in fact been derailed by Cave’s own prolific … [Read more...]