Pulp – It, Freaks & Separations (2012 reissues)

Since belatedly finding fame on the back of 1994’s His ‘N’ Hers, Pulp founder Jarvis Cocker has often had an ambivalent and strained relationship with his recently reunited band’s early catalogue.  For Cocker, the hard slog of Pulp’s protracted formative phase against the backdrop of dole-stricken poverty, critical/commercial indifference, multiple … [Read more...]

The Aviation Orange – “Etch A Postcard”

The Aviation Orange have carved their own niche in the burgeoning New York City scene. As hard as it is to get ahead, with so many acts competing for the spotlight, TAO blend London's The Sundays with Manchester legends The Smiths. This unique blend can be heard best on track 6 off of their East Of Here EP titled "Etch A … [Read more...]

New Tribute To The Smiths Released

For Smiths fans whose dedication goes beyond the recent remastered box-sets, then a new, long-in-the-pipeline, tribute album on American Laundromat Records might just fit the bill. Following in the footsteps of past ALR compilations saluting the songbooks of The Cure, Pixies, Kim Deal and Neil Young (as well as an already Smiths-linked … [Read more...]

Brian Boone – I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll (Except When I Hate It)

As much enjoyment as I get out of listening to music, the same pleasure comes from reading about it. I Love Rock 'N' Roll (Except When I Hate It) by Brian Boone is a collection of musical facts, useful, and useless knowledge chronicling a wide range of artists and genre's. Boone graces us with his witty humor throughout, such as the title of … [Read more...]

Umpire – “Green Light District”

Once again we're blessed with another amazing band brought to us by Hidden Shoal Recordings. Umpire is their newest signing and they make a fine addition to the labels already amazing, and eclectic roster. Hailing from Perth, Umpire bring their bouncy, Smiths like charm into 2011. Although their first full length, Now We're Active isn't set to be … [Read more...]

Morrissey – Years of Refusal

Throughout his career, Steven Morrissey has enjoyed a steady, successful catalog of gloomy music. During his unlikely partnership with Johnny Marr, the two helped make The Smiths (no, they aren't reuniting) one of the most revered bands of the 80s. Alone, he's also enjoyed a rich solo career that some consider being just as good, if not better, … [Read more...]