Hajk – Hajk

"I'm gonna let you come to me," Sigrid Aase sings on Hajk's opening track. And I did. Aase's confident declarative on "Magazine" introduces this self-titled debut — a fresh, welcoming blend of indie-pop — much of which you will find irresistible. The next song, "Nothing Left To Say," features vocalist-guitarist Preben Sælid Andersen. The energy … [Read more...]

Company – “Waiting For Saints To Arrive”

Company, or simply Co., are a dirty, lo-fi version of The Shins. "Waiting For Saints To Arrive" is track two off of Holy City. Trying to locate this band and their whereabouts is futile. Nestled firmly among the ranks, what sets Company apart from all the other Company bands is obviously their sound. From minimalist renditions seemingly carved … [Read more...]

Morningbell – Sincerely, Severely

If I kept a "Best Albums of the Year" list, then Sincerely, Severely would have taken one of the top spots for 2009. Maybe the top. Morningbell's fourth album is simply irresistible. These fourteen fetching tracks reveal a sharp, talented band that must be at the top of their game because, if they got any better, it would be scary. Funky, … [Read more...]