My Jerusalem – Gone For Good

Does it qualify as a supergroup when a new band of six has ties to at least eight other acts? Some might argue that widespread fame and popularity must preclude the formation of said collective but, if this is the case, My Jerusalem is just another indie pop band comprised of talented people who haphazardly came together through a series of chance … [Read more...]

Efterklang – Performing Parades

The symphonic choral rock group Efterklang released Parades in October 2007. A year later, the band performed this highly praised album with The Danish National Chamber Orchestra. Performing Parades captures that live concert and makes for a fantastic listening experience. Efterklang consists of 3 to 4 core members with additional helpers for … [Read more...]

St. Vincent – Actor

Following the mild success of her brilliant debut, St. Vincent's Annie Clark has since enjoyed a gradual growth of hype towards her new album. Surely, the stunning singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and sometimes member of The Polyphonic Spree received many lonely guys answering yes in response to the title of that album, Marry Me. But … [Read more...]