Billy Coté – “Excerpt: Place (GirlGhost1)” b/w “Cloudx Trans 5 (GirlGhost2)” 7″

Was 2008 really the last time we properly heard from Billy Coté?  Seemingly so. After a pretty prolific run of releases from the early-‘90s onwards - co-leading Madder Rose, under the alias of The Jazz Cannon, alongside Mary Lorson (as a double-act and within her Saint Low ensemble) and as a third of The Piano Creeps - Coté has been keeping a … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#24 (Mary Lorson on Court And Spark)

Mary Lorson on… Joni Mitchell’s Court and Spark (Asylum Records, 1974) iTunes classifies this album as ‘country and folk’ and my first response is to choke! What? How clueless can you… but does it matter? Any country and folk tones on this album are just accents, window dressing; the spines of these songs are rock and jazz. Citified, … [Read more...]

Mary Lorson & The Soubrettes – BurnBabyBurn

Ever since being hooked in the head and tugged in the heartstrings by Mary Lorson's presence on Madder Rose’s eponymous signature song (AKA the early version of "Swim") way back around 1993, this writer’s continuous connection with her ongoing career - through Madder Rose, with Saint Low, as an instrumental score-maker with Billy Coté and as part … [Read more...]

Artists-On-Albums: AOA#6 (Billy Coté on Fire Of Love)

Billy Coté (Madder Rose, The Jazz Cannon and The Piano Creeps) on… The Gun Club’s Fire Of Love (Ruby Records, 1981) I grew up in a smallish town in central New Jersey, a place called Somerville. Though only an hour away from NYC and punk rock central, it was, musically speaking, the domain of Johnny Winter & Foghat and the mighty … [Read more...]