Giant Sand – Valley Of Rain, Ballad Of A Thin Line Man & Storm (reissues)

To make approximate sense of the most recent quarter century of Howe Gelb’s vast catalogue with Giant Sand, The Band Of Blacky Ranchette, OP8, Arizona Amp & Alternator and as a solo artist, arguably the best place to start might be somewhere broadly in the middle years.  But with around 30 ‘official’ albums and two boxsets sprawling out over … [Read more...]

The Dream Syndicate – Medicine Show (expanded reissue)

With 1982’s The Days Of Wine And Roses forever being the defining post-punk classic in Steve Wynn’s early career leading The Dream Syndicate, it’s perhaps been inevitable that its misunderstood sophomore sequel – 1984’s Medicine Show - has suffered unfairly in comparison and from its prolonged exclusion from the CD world.  Finally back in print - … [Read more...]