Burzum – “Jeg Faller” (“I Am Falling”)

Varg Vikernes is back with a brand new Burzum album titled Fallen, set for release on March 7, 2011. Just one year after Belus it seemed that this style is, and always will be, there in all its glory. Yet with Fallen a new and interesting sound has risen. Obviously different than Burzum's first offering which Vikernes set out making with the … [Read more...]

Soundgarden – “Beyond The Wheel” live @ Showbox in Seattle, WA April 16, 2010

This concert officially hailed the return of Soundgarden is by far one of the most exciting reunions of a truly amazing band. Although guitarist Kim Thayil and bassist Ben Shepard are showing their age and slight weight gain over the past 13 years since the band's demise, they are none the less just as stellar as they were back in '85. The … [Read more...]