Flare Acoustic Arts League – Big Top/Encore EP2

L D Behgtol was and perhaps still is a prominent member of The Magnetic Fields, a band whose unique and irreverent take on alt. folk has, in some opinions, made them the most influential acoustic practitioners of recent decades. It took something to make banjos really sound cool but The Magnetic Fields, with their gently crafted, wistfully romantic … [Read more...]

The Real Tuesday Weld – The Last Werewolf

The Real Tuesday Weld’s last coupling with author Glen Duncan, for 2003’s innovative I, Lucifer book soundtrack, was undoubtedly a creative marriage made in heaven (as well as being hell-orientated in its conceptual construction of course).  For those of us that fell for the debonair darkness, mischievous misanthropy and elegant eclecticism for I, … [Read more...]

Vlor – Six Winged

Vlor appears to have evolved more than once over the preceding 17 years. Beginning in 1992 as a conventional band,  re-assembling as a duo in the late 90s,  and following on from 2006's reissue of that bands Sacred Places In The City Vlor has expanded into an online musicians collective, with Silber CEO and head Vlorist Brian John Mitchell rounding … [Read more...]

Flipsides & Otherwise: FAO #15

This column was originally conceived as a convenient means to cross-examine short-form releases that didn't quite require lengthy prose.  Since then though, such a remit has been self-corrupted by a necessity to round-up an overflow of new and archival wares, often thematically, before they pass through this writer's over-roving ears.  But this … [Read more...]