Fredrik – Flora

Following on from the expertly-twined strands of melodic Nordic folk and post-Four Tet electronica inside the Trilogi collection and the ‘80s 4AD atmospherics folded within the Origami 7” EP, both released last year, the Sweden-based trio of Fredrik Hultin, Ola Lindefelt and – recent recruit – Anna Moberg, return with a third Fredrik long-player … [Read more...]

FAO#28 (Cornershop, Fredrik and Samson & Delilah)

Although one-off singles and EP oddments were the original impetus behind this on/off/on column, albums have continued to rule the review-writing roost.  Despite assertions that the album is a dying art form there seem to be more of them than ever released week-upon-week, with barely any seasonal breaks.  Digital downloads also promised to kill off … [Read more...]

FAO#25: Dirtmusic & Fredrik

Although the impact of globalisation has for many been measured negatively in socio-economic and ecological terms, when it comes to cultural exchanges the picture seems a lot rosier.  Intensified by the internet and easier communications in general, the innumerable musical genres of our shared planet have become more broadly disseminated and … [Read more...]

Flipsides & Otherwise: FAO #15

This column was originally conceived as a convenient means to cross-examine short-form releases that didn't quite require lengthy prose.  Since then though, such a remit has been self-corrupted by a necessity to round-up an overflow of new and archival wares, often thematically, before they pass through this writer's over-roving ears.  But this … [Read more...]