The 88 – This Must Be Love

They didn't just fall out of the sky, The 88. Ever since their first release, 2003's Kind Of Light, the Los Angeles quartet has been fine tuning their quirky, verging on anthemic west coast pop sound, and unlike many of their contemporaries have chosen to downplay the edgier side of the late 60s/early 70s style they emulate, choosing to concentrate … [Read more...]

Ty Segall – Lemons

One-man act Ty Segall drew a fan base in the Bay Area and then successfully cast a bigger net with his well-received 2008 self-titled debut. 2009's follow up, Lemons, builds and improves on all Segall's previous efforts. Segall fits well into the long lineage of underground solo artists who emerge like a pimple, stewing under the surface a bit … [Read more...]