Gazer – Fake Bulbs EP

Don't let the rough finish on this EP deceive you. Fake Bulbs is a finely constructed piece of noisy rock n' roll. Gazer, a prickly, nimble rock band out of Cincinnati, Ohio, sounds like a more aggressive version of Devo crossed with a developing Young Widows or The Jesus Lizard. With flashes of punk and a hefty dose of art noise, many of these … [Read more...]

Millions – Gather Scatter

Gather Scatter offers some of the best new aggressive music available. Although their sound flirts with noise rock 'a la Young Widows, Millions share more blood ties with hardcore as they pound out bruising songs bent on destruction. This 8 song debut is a powerful breakthrough album for this Chicago 4 piece. In recent decades, more and more … [Read more...]

Three Second Kiss – Long Distance

Three Second Kiss methodically scramble post-rock, post-punk, math, and noise rock on their new LP, Long Distance. Their challenging chops and rhythms don't go down smoothly. Rather, they test conventions and ultimately make for an interesting listen, though not a fully enjoyable one. This veteran band from Bologna, Italy, sound tight even when … [Read more...]