Artists On Albums: AOA#53 (Lake Ruth’s Allison Brice on The Source)

Allison Brice (Lake Ruth) on… Jimmy Scott’s The Source (Atlantic Records, 1970) Like many, my first encounter with Jimmy Scott was via his commanding performance of the haunting and inscrutable "Sycamore Trees" in the Twin Peaks second season finale. Pensive and tuxedo-clad, he crooned against a backdrop of brilliant red, inhabiting … [Read more...]

Eat Lights Become Lights – Nature Reserve

It’s been a wallet-and-turntable straining time for the Deep Distance label so far this year.  With tightly-scheduled back-to-back LP releases of choice psych-infused expansiveness from Zofff and Yerba Mansa, kosmische heterogeneity courtesy of Sula Bassana and an enlightening expanded reissue of Colin Potter’s 1980 DIY milestone The Ghost Office, … [Read more...]

Snails – Safe In Silence

Although Bristol’s Snails may have pursued a release rate pattern at a pace on par with their gastropod namesakes, this long-awaited debut vinyl LP for Feral Child - which tardily follows 7" singles from 2011 and 2015 on The Great Pop Supplement - is surprisingly and pleasingly light on its feet.  Whilst the group was originally conceived as a duo … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#50 (Hewson Chen on Aquí Vìvía Yo)

Hewson Chen (The New Lines, Lake Ruth) on.. Le Mans’ Aquí Vìvía Yo (Elefant / Grimsey, 1998) This album of quiet melancholy and longing was the final album from Le Mans, which I liked to loosely imagine as a Spanish indie version of Caetano Veloso after a generous helping of barbituates. As if to ratify the band’s end, the fateful cover art … [Read more...]

Various Artists – They Make No Say: A Polytechnic Youth Records Compilation

Although Polytechnic Youth has become a more expansive enterprise of late - catching-up with label founder Dominic Martin’s already adored sibling-imprints The Great Pop Supplement and Deep Distance - there’s still something indefinably special about the first few ultra-limited lathe-cut vinyl singles that initiated the venture in 2014 and 2015.  … [Read more...]

Lake Ruth – Actual Entity

Having only formed in 2015, New York's Lake Ruth have wasted little time in cutting a full-length studio statement.  After sneaking-out two standalone short-form releases earlier this year as stepping-stones - in the form of a two-track seven-inch on The Great Pop Supplement and as a one-song digital-only freebie via Bandcamp - the trio made up of … [Read more...]

Death And Vanilla – reissues

With last year’s well-promoted To Where The Wild Things Are LP and California Owl EP having drawn Malmö’s Death And Vanilla out of the shadows, it makes fan-friendly archival sense for Fire Records to also bring the bulk of the group’s earlier catalogue back into print under the same new roof - after previous limited-edition outings on Hands In The … [Read more...]

Youth Of America – “Navigator” b/w “Night Of The Comet”

As if tireless kaleidoscopic psych-pastoralists Trembling Bells weren’t prolific enough recently - with an album, a mini-LP and Record Store Day 7” released within the last year or so - here comes an alter-ego incarnation of the group too.  With bassist Simon Shaw taking the directorial lead instead of drummer Alex Neilson and singers Lucy Sweet … [Read more...]

Rhododendron – One

Since parking his Dollboy alias in 2014, Oliver Cherer has hit a potent purple patch; via his solo-trading pastoralism, within the multi-headed Silver Servants, inside the motorik diversions of The Wrestler, through the electro-primitivism of The Assistant and - most strikingly - with the far from flowery Rhododendron. Initially conceived as a … [Read more...]

The Hanging Stars – Over The Silvery Lake

Having warmed our ears up with two sought-after seven-inch releases during last year on The Great Pop Supplement, The Hanging Stars now come to us with their first full-length album statement. All the component parts of the aforementioned singles are here again - with three songs carried-over and the same sonic compost mulched-down as well as … [Read more...]