Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Skeleton Tree

It would be too easy to expect more from Skeleton Tree than it actually contains. What with the accompanying documentary film, plus the added reporting of his recent personal difficulties, the sixteenth album Nick Cave has made along with The Bad Seeds inevitably appears cloaked in some very gothic drapery indeed. The accidental death, during the … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#33 (Thalia Zedek on Junkyard)

Thalia Zedek on… The Birthday Party’s Junkyard (Missing Link/4AD, 1982) I remember clearly the luckiest record shopping day of my life.  It was 1982 and I was at Newbury Comics, the only record shop in Boston that stocked underground records at that time.  I went to the new arrivals bin and starting flipping through the stack, and then I … [Read more...]

Kat Vipers – Longplay

First track "Vindicate" lurches out of the speakers, a stridently angular bassline interweaved with discordant piano and harshly clipped guitar chords. Over this, the voice of Kat Vipers - simultaneously dark and teasing, half smiling amidst the vortex of instrumentation that surrounds her, and every bit as gifted a musician as a singer. With so … [Read more...]

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – From Her To Eternity/The Firstborn Is Dead/Kicking Against The Pricks/Your Funeral… My Trial (CD/DVD reissues)

It's not hard to understand why the world of reissues stirs up such confusion and cynicism, given the multiple lines of attack followed by artists and labels alike to keep back catalogues alive or resuscitate them from near-death.  So, for every long-awaited first CD reissue of a lost vinyl relic (anything by Lee Hazlewood for instance) and … [Read more...]