Tera Melos – Zoo Weather EP

Zoo Weather is the latest release from the Sacramento trio Tera Melos, and it is for the most part an EP that relies on your preconceptions of what it is that Tera Melos does. In many ways that previous statement is a compliment but in other ways, well, some might be disappointed with this latest effort. You may have already figured out that … [Read more...]

Debut album out now from Bygones

Music mega-monoliths iTunes and MySpace Music have both championed the new power-duo featuring Zach Hill (drums, vocals) and Nick Reinhart (guitar, bass, vocals).  Bygones is, to a certain degree, the optimal outcome of a musical marriage of Hill's band Hella and Reinhart's group Tera Melos. Track Listing: 01) Cold Reading 02) Click on That … [Read more...]