Port Erin – Floating Above The City

After a year or two honing their sound and musicianship on the live circuit since 2012's Wheel Inside A Wheel, west of England festival regulars Port ErinĀ are presenting us now with an accomplished and tightly-performed third album. Whilst the band themselves quote influences such as Talking Heads, XTC, Frank Zappa and Miles Davis, they have … [Read more...]

Brian Boone – I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll (Except When I Hate It)

As much enjoyment as I get out of listening to music, the same pleasure comes from reading about it. I Love Rock 'N' Roll (Except When I Hate It) by Brian Boone is a collection of musical facts, useful, and useless knowledge chronicling a wide range of artists and genre's. Boone graces us with his witty humor throughout, such as the title of … [Read more...]

Extra Golden – Thank You Very Quickly

Even the most open-minded of music-lovers in the west will confess to a mild ignorance and misunderstanding of African audio life.Ā  Obscured by Paul Simon's exploitative Graceland and the over-earnest reverence of Damon Alban's Mali Music or segregated into the patronising pigeonhole of 'world music,' African music is often respected from a … [Read more...]