T. Rex – Remixes

It's over forty years since Marc Bolan and his band first made their presence known. At a time when synthesizers were as remote from ordinary music buyers as NASA technology and colour television was still a novelty, T. Rex were at the forefront of the glam-rock movement, bands whose appearance was glitzily colourful and whose foot-stompingly … [Read more...]

Burnt Ones – Black Teeth And Golden Tongues

Exactly what images and imagined or remembered sounds do the words 'Dream Pop' conjure up? Ear blistering fuzztone guitar riffs, echoing doo-wop inspired three part harmony choruses, crashing and swaying drum rhythms, flashing stage lights, big shiny guitars and stage sets, and walking out of a gig half deaf and/or blinded. That's what pop music … [Read more...]