Stephin Merritt — Obscurities

An illustrious musical career can produce a number of pleasing side-effects, not the least of which is a sort of fame that comes only with the field. More entertaining for all involved, though, is the ubiquitous rarities album that peppers careers and gives devoted fans a bit of a treat. Stephin Merritt’s Obscurities is exactly that: a nice topping … [Read more...]

Cut Copy – Zonoscope

Music critics of this day and age are given to a fair amount of whining about how oversaturated the marketplace is (or perhaps, the iTunes store) with bands that tout a dance angle when promoting their respective aesthetics.  True enough, there’s a bevy of acts in operation today who have taken a page from the playbook of The Killers and Franz … [Read more...]

Solvent – Subject to Shift

Don’t think for a moment that as Solvent, Jason Amm hasn’t gotten his share of accolades. Well respected and regarded by many as one of the tenured electronic producers on the up and up, he’s also fought through a share of adversity in creating such hard to pinpoint music. But his music is both a pleasure and a superb blend of beats and melodies … [Read more...]