New album from Haiku Salut in July

Listen to lead single "Bleak And Beautiful (All Things").  Opening with a single intake of breath, the song sees the Derbyshire Dales trio continue to fuse ideas and genres to create a song that melts electronica into folk and teaches techno how to waltz. : When the trio released their debut album, “Tricolore”, in 2013, the trio of Gemma, Louise … [Read more...]

Emorie – Never Goes Away

Toronto’s Emorie are singer-songwriter and keyboardist Hunter and violinist Adm. After meeting at a show they began a fruitful collaboration. Their debut album is a mix of electronica, R ‘n’ B, disco,  and indie pop. Violin, vocals and synths work well together on smooth opener "Change". The mood darkens a little on "Pink Dolls" and the … [Read more...]

Seinking Ships – Museum Quality Capture

Seinking Ships is the long-distance music project between Ohio-based Christopher Seink and Oregon-located Eric Matthews (Cardinal), with guest vocals on three songs by U.K.-residing Miki Berenyi (1990s dreampop band Lush).  Museum Quality Capture is out now and distributed by S-Curve Records.  A mellow, ambient vibe runs through most of the songs, … [Read more...]

Emeralds – Does It Look Like I’m Here?

Sometimes you’ve got to wonder why bands label-hop. Why’d Low leave Kranky for Sub Pop, or Polvo trade Merge for Touch and Go? In the case of Emeralds, putting out music on multiple labels makes sense, since they produce and release so much material. So moving from one label to another isn’t such a dramatic deal for them, but their recent move is … [Read more...]

Interview with Veil Veil Vanish

Hi Cameron Ray (guitarist), Keven Tecon (vocalist, guitarist), Amy Rosenoff (bass guitarist), Robert Marzio (drummer), and Justin Anastasi (keyboardist)! It’s such a delight to be doing this interview with all of you.  I’m head over heels for your debut album Change In the Neon Light and EP Into a New Mausoleum from 2007.  How did the release of … [Read more...]

Librarians – Present Passed

Present Passed is the sophomore album form the West Virginia quartet Librarians and follows their full-length debut Alright Easy Candy Stranger. The album is synth- saturated and full of odd sounds making it a dreadfully colorless listen; it’s an album that has no direction and sounds exceedingly artificial. “Candy Season” is the only highlight … [Read more...]

Kites – International Geographic EP

Globe-trotter extraordinaire Jean-Philip Grobler released his second EP under the moniker Kites and he expands upon his first EP, You and I in the Kaleidoscope, adding more stylistic variety to the mix.  This 7-song EP, while not as overtly catchy as his first, is filled with complexly-crafted songs that yield melodic rewards over consecutive … [Read more...]

Super700 – Lovebites

I’ve heard a lot of bands attempt a retro 1980s synth/pop sound. Most of them fail because of an annoying vocalist, antagonistic, egocentric noisiness and flat out bad songwriting. They could learn a thing or two from Germany’s Super700 and their newest release, Lovebites. It’s a pleasant, humble and romantic outing of memorable hooks, … [Read more...]

Van She – “Changes”

Groovy. Fresh. Hip. These three words can only slightly express the precision which permeates Van She’s musical brew. The band's most recent album, V, released in August of 2008, is full of electro-popping, funky tunes that cause serious head bopping syndrome. Hopping out of Sydney, Australia, Van She produced a single, “Changes”, that sounds like … [Read more...]

Interview with The Lolligags

Hi Leslie and Ryan!  I've spun your latest EP, Out of Perversity Join Hands, and I love the whole kit 'n' caboodle of your ultra-catchy and darkly glossy electro-dance pop sound (I can't get "Merry Go Round" out of my head and it's been weeks!).  Leslie, your lively vocals resemble a playful and teasing Siouxsie Sioux with crisply layered, … [Read more...]