Eli Raybon – “30 Cents”

‘80s New Wave revivalist Eli Raybon is at the tail end of his teens but he’s already producing top-notch pop music and will release his latest EP Green on June 23rd.  Raybon has been praised by illustrious outlets like Vice and Paste and has also been featured at Buzzbands LA and Balcony TV. Musicians comprise a big part of Raybon’s family, … [Read more...]

von Konow – “Cosmic”

Von Konow, the Finnish art-rock project of Marko von Konow, is slated to release its debut album, Lieder, on January 13, 2017.  The project has dropped its first single, “Cosmic”, with an accompanying music video, in mid-October. Marko von Konow (vocals, keyboards, programming), who is a classically-trained musician and visualist, created and … [Read more...]

Interview with TRUE

Hello Dani and Rico!  It’s so good to have the chance to touch base with you about your enticing and lively synth-pop/electronic music and upcoming debut album, Wrapped In Air, which will be delivered September 23rd on Mouthwatering Records.  How would you describe your sound? Dani: Our sound is like the crackle in the air when two people meet. … [Read more...]

Various Artists – They Make No Say: A Polytechnic Youth Records Compilation

Although Polytechnic Youth has become a more expansive enterprise of late - catching-up with label founder Dominic Martin’s already adored sibling-imprints The Great Pop Supplement and Deep Distance - there’s still something indefinably special about the first few ultra-limited lathe-cut vinyl singles that initiated the venture in 2014 and 2015.  … [Read more...]

Rabid Young – “Beautiful Things” (video)

Las Vegas-based outfit Rabid Young is made up of Eric Rickey (of Most Thieves and Aurea Verba), Jackson Wilcox (of A Crowd of Small Adventures), Alex Stopa, Megan Wingerter, and Mason Bundschuh and they recently released a video for their sing-along electro-pop tune “Beautiful Things”.  The vid was directed by Michael Tushaus, an Emmy and other … [Read more...]

Interview with Flaunt

Heya Justin and Joseph!  It’s so cool to catch up with you during this exciting time with the ‘it-just-happened’ release of your new album Rave Noir.  It’s an ambitious and accomplished album that spans 18 tracks of disparate music genres – and you’re also in the midst of releasing an accompanying video for each song.  How is the whole process … [Read more...]

Band & The Beat – “Straight & Narrow” b/w “Jimmy’s Jam”

Band & The Beat is the husband and wife team of Tracy and James Tritten who create lo-fi yet pleasantly alluring dream-pop that caresses the ears with percolating electronics, bright extended synth washes, drum machines, and Tracy’s soft light vocals. Tracy was formerly known as Tracy Shedd, an artist on the Teen Beat and New Granada record … [Read more...]

Short Takes (Delta Will, Port Of Est., Ramsey, & FLAUNT)

Delta Will – “A Dream” The electro-saturated psych-rock band Delta Will hails from Toronto, Ontario and its debut album, Weathering, is slated to drop on March 18th. Band members Charles Tilden (vocals, guitars, samples, drum machine), Milan Schramek (bass, guitar, vocals), Brandon Johns (keyboards, synths, bass), and Lowell Whitty (drums) have … [Read more...]

Short Takes (Ideomotor, Chrystyna Marie, Daniel Grinberg & Stormy Mondays)

Ideomotor – “Away From Here” Erkka Wennonen and Kimmo Myllyviita are two friends from Finland who struck upon the idea of collaborating musically only once Myllyviita had moved away to Switzerland. There came a point when they realized that they had shared musical interests and ideas and they decided to craft material together, but from a … [Read more...]

Ummagma – “Lama”

Canadian-Ukrainian dream-pop duo Ummagma is set to release its drifting and uplifting Frequency EP November 13 on Raphalite Records.  Shauna McLarnon and Alexander Kretov are partners in music and marriage, and together they have forged an engaging union of electronic, synth, and guitar-based pop that captives with Shauna’s delightful light and … [Read more...]