Artists On Albums: AOA#51 (Mission Of Burma’s Roger C. Miller on Piper At The Gates Of Dawn)

Roger C. Miller (Mission Of Burma, Trinary System et al.) on… Pink Floyd’s Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (Columbia, 1967) In the fall of 1968 I was in eleventh grade and psychedelia was in full swing. I was playing in bands, idolizing Hendrix and Cream, and listening to the most far-out sounds I could find. My dad, who played piano in college … [Read more...]

Clinic – Bubblegum

Having perfected a triangulation of ‘60s garage-rock scuzz, mangled Krautrock and dismantled Augustus Pablo dub so early on, Clinic left very little room for future manoeuvre, only relentless repetition.  Whilst such dutiful recycling has always allowed the Liverpool foursome to deliver a consistent stream of sterling singles over the last decade, … [Read more...]

Marmoset – Tea Tornado

In the body that is pop music, Marmoset is a dislocated middle finger. The Indiana-based trio's anemic pop can be a little unsightly for most listeners, and it leaves light headed music critics resigned to adjectives like "weird" or "unique". Tea Tornado, Marmoset's newest effort, continues the band's 14 year tradition of making poorly sung, lazily … [Read more...]