Old Lost John – Faceless

Malmo, Sweden is where we find our fearless troubadour Old Lost John, the moniker under which Tomas Thunberg resides. His new full length release titled¬†Faceless is rife with the creepiness found in old photographs and campfire, Canterbury style folk tales. With a wispy, Bonnie "Prince" Billy rasp one must lay back and prepare for these 10 … [Read more...]

Elin Palmer – “Postcard”

Sweden is best known for spawning Abba. In the underground we know better and can put the Abba reference behind us and note that Jose Gonzalez is a Swede. Ok great, now that we've gotten that out of the way here comes Elin Palmer. She's played with a nice little handful of respected artists such as Devotchka, The Fray, and M. Ward. If Regina … [Read more...]

Old Lost John – “If I Was a Man”

Old Lost John may be Sweden's answer to Sam Beam. He calls himself old as well as lost. He goes by John but this soul is Tomas. There are all things lonesome and regretful pushed into this two and a half minute, wear your heart on your sleeve tale. He tells of what could be done "if" on the well worn path called love and the heartache that ensues. … [Read more...]

Alibi Tom- “Sometimes I’m Afraid”

When you think of music from Sweden, a few names come to mind. ABBA. Ace of Base. A variety of death metal bands, each darker than the last. Indiepop? Not so much. The closest that this country has come to indie fame has been in the form of The Hives, a band that has had its ups and downs. Breaking this trend is the band Alibi Tom, and its lead … [Read more...]