The Oregon Donor – A Pageant’s End

With their musical imagination in full blossom, The Oregon Donor has scored an engaging rock album. A remarkable number of quality influences emerge on A Pageant's End, and throughout its ten songs the band keeps moving and trying things, taking risks and finding a rich middle ground between pop, prog, and post-rock. You'll hear a lot of Sunny Day … [Read more...]

Sunny Day Real Estate Regroup

Following a more than 10 year hiatus, all four original members of pioneering Seattle rock band Sunny Day Real Estate will regroup for a 20-date US tour starting Sept. 17th, 2009. In addition, Sub Pop Records will re-issue both Diary and the band's second full-length album, commonly known as LP2 (or "The Pink Album" for its entirely pink cover). … [Read more...]

Western Civ – Shower the People You Love with Gold

Golden Showers. OK, that's out of the way ... Shaped by early 90's indie rock, Shower the People You Love with Gold is a moody and appealing new LP by Western Civ. This Chapel Hill, North Carolina 3-piece and its support players cite Built to Spill and Modest Mouse among its influences, but a better comparison would be Dinosaur Jr. or … [Read more...]