Iron & Wine – Kiss Each Other Clean

Although the pace has been piecemeal over nearly a decade, Sam Beam certainly can’t be faulted for the stylistic progression and artistic reach he has extended for Iron & Wine since 2002’s lovely The Creek Drank The Cradle debut.  It could have been all too easy for Beam to have continually mined that said first album’s lo-fi co-joining of Nick … [Read more...]

Elaine Lachica – I Think I Can See the Ocean

In the wide angle musical lens of her new album, I Think I Can See the Ocean, Elaine Lachica's vocal gift makes a transcendent display. Taking on the role of siren, balladeer, and lounge singer, Lachica makes herself better than the rock, jazz, and avant garde, dream pop compositions she is paired with. Early in the album, her angelic vocal … [Read more...]

William Fitzsimmons – The Sparrow and The Crow

The Sparrow and The Crow is not merely a collection of songs, but rather an attempt at healing a broken heart and an apology for one that was broke.  It is a true story of two people who didn’t make it together.  Throughout the album there is a feeling of push and pull within William Fitzsimmons as he works through his sorrows, rehashes scenes of … [Read more...]