Friendly Faux – “Three Lefts”

Ohio is very much the opposite of the desert valley wonderland of California and Arizona. Columbus based band Friendly Faux may not be looking to change that, but their song “Three Lefts” is more Blues for the Red Sun than Bee Thousand or The Big Come Up, to name some of Ohio’s more well-known acts. Coming from their recent EP of the same name, … [Read more...]

Halaska – Mayantology

Formed a couple of years ago in Austin, TX, Halaska is a progressive rock quartet that “confidently walks the line between indie and avant garde music.” On their first LP, Mayantology, (which is also their first release to feature vocals), the group demonstrates decent compositional prowess, as gripping guitar riffs meld with sporadic rhythmic … [Read more...]

Baroness – Yellow & Green

The remnants of metal music are still trying to find a clear way out. For many bands, metal finds them pigeon-holed and devoid of constructive progress. For Georgia-based Baroness, metal has been an exploration of vivid highs and stirring convictions. Through their first set of EPs and most recently with Red Album and Blue Record, they’ve fashioned … [Read more...]

The Future Now – “Jealous Young”

A chance happening led me into the local bar last night. I ended up ignoring my friend who invited me out because I was drawn to the stage like a bug to a zapper. A three piece from Gainsville, FL called The Future Now were there, playing straight-forward rock and roll with a heavy, heavy Queens Of The Stone Age influence and I could not turn away. … [Read more...]

Shrinebuilder – S/T

Ah, supergroups. Might as well be called ‘set themselves up to fail’ groups. They seem to all prove one thing: a product is not always equal to the sum of their parts. i.e. The Traveling Wilburys, Audioslave, Velvet Revolver, Zwan…. Anyone vomit in their mouth yet? Especially at that last one? Billy Corgan will you just shut up already? Seriously, … [Read more...]

Ichabod – 2012 EP

Part System Of A Down and Swedish D-beat phenomenon Disfear, Massachusetts' own Ichabod blasts into this 8 song EP with the distinct technicality of the likes of Mastodon and Bloodlet. Enough name dropping in one sentence?  This only raises the bar and puts Ichabod at a non-distinct level where they remain un-categorizable. The riffs are that of … [Read more...]

Jeff The Brotherhood – Heavy Days

You can definitely hear them rev up the engine a few times, but Heavy Days, the new album by Jeff The Brotherhood, never quite takes off. But that's fine, because this little Nashville, Tennessee duo sounds like they might be on to something. Problem is they have yet to figure out just what kind of band they are. Half of this album sounds like a … [Read more...]

Melon – Never Eat on an Empty Stomach

I’m going to be completely forthright; I’ve never heard of “stoner rock” as a genre qualification.  I’ve heard of slack-rock, math-rock, art-rock, but never stoner-rock.  Though I somewhat resent the idea of a subset of music being grouped in terms of a state of mind that has nothing to do with the actual sound that’s being labeled (genre-labeling … [Read more...]

Dinosaur Jr. – Farm

Two years ago, Dinosaur Jr. returned with its original trio to deliver one of 2007's best albums. Asserting itself as the loud and grunge master it sincerely is, J Mascis and crew have now found their fountain of youth with Farm. An album every bit as good as Beyond, it's time to realize that not only is Dinosaur Jr. back, but the group sounds … [Read more...]