Weedeater – Jason…The Dragon

After four years of tribulation, this North Carolina sludge metal troupe is once again chasing the dragon.  Dixie Dave is one toe shy after being a bit careless while cleaning his gun, there was much physical injury due to the southern boy penchant for partying, and they all suffered pain and loss in general. Hopefully, at this point they've … [Read more...]

Ramesses – Take the Curse

I’ve said this before, but it never ceases to be true – a truly great metal album has a certain visceral effect on me that few other genres could ever achieve. Maybe it’s because there’s less of a barrier of entry than say, a great drone album, or maybe it’s because metal as a concept is naturally imbued with a layer of undisputed confidence – … [Read more...]

Iron Age – “Dispossessed”

The band, Iron Age. The song, "Dispossessed". A few seconds in and this tune reeks of Metallica covering Iron Maiden's "Run For The Hills". I must say that overall there is a sense of this band being larger than life. I see stadiums, I see flames, I see world domination. Low and behold "Dispossesed" is off of their second album titled "The Sleeping … [Read more...]