Hologram Teen – Marsangst EP

I was listening to the four tracks on the Hologram Teen EP and, mostly as the music is the work of former Stereolab keyboardist Morgan Lhote, I not only found myself recalling how much I liked Stereolab, right from the very first time I heard "French Disko", but also wondering exactly what kind of band Stereolab actually were. Already … [Read more...]

Hologram Teen – “Post-Apocalypteacakes” b/w “Tracksuit Minotaur”

With Stereolab’s co-leaders Tim Gane and Laetitia Sadier having established healthy new careers - with the former’s deeper steering into leftward motorik directions heading-up Cavern Of Anti-Matter for limited-edition releases on a variety of labels and the latter’s more song-based solo-trading explorations for Drag City - time is perhaps ripe for … [Read more...]

FAO#22: Kraftwerk – 12345678 The Catalogue (reissues)

Although retrospective eyes regularly fall upon Kraftwerk for the group’s profound impact upon the music world as we now know it, we should not neglect re-examining the actual recorded body of work produced by the Düsseldorf pioneers.  Sure, we can forever play a spot-the-Kraftwerk-influence game when analysing the good, bad and plain ugly of … [Read more...]