Seryn – This is Where We Are

There’s been a subtle lift-off for folk music in the past few years and although it’s been something that has been well chronicled, there is much to say about music that is able to sound genuine and earnest without being forced. Artists like The Tallest Man on Earth, Fleet Foxes and others have taken to the use of banjos, ukuleles and accordions … [Read more...]

Birds & Batteries – Panorama

The steady drive of experimentation comes from a band’s skill at knowing when it’s time to progress. Most bands often get stale before they’re able to capitalize on flourishing moments where everything comes together. San Francisco band Birds & Batteries have recently discovered what it means to be striking at the right time. With Panorama, the … [Read more...]

Telegraph Canyon – The Tide and the Current

Dreaming and longing for something real and fully-realized, with every waking step and every yearning breath, it feels nearly impossible. The mystique and beauty of life and its ever-succumbing follies is a struggle that’s natural and ultimately, inevitable. But forgotten in all of this is the goal that there is something amazing waiting on the … [Read more...]